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World's Best Sterling Silver and Fashion Jewelry

.925 Silver Catalog

What Makes Sterling Silver Jewelry So Popular?

With sterling silver, you get top quality precious metal jewelry at an affordable price. Sterling silver jewelry (also known as .925 silver jewelry) comes in a variety of styles, from classic polished jewelry to modern hammered or oxidized looks. Trends range from jewelry featuring bold eye-catching gemstones to cute whimsical charms. Whatever your style, you can find the perfect look in sterling silver. And because the prices are affordable, you can choose many different styles of top-quality jewelry for different occasions. More than any other type of jewelry, sterling silver lets you express your own individual style!

Jewelers require silver jewelry to meet .925 sterling quality standards. This guarantees that your silver jewelry meets strict purity controls and is strong and durable. All of the silver jewelry in your jeweler’s collection at meets .925 sterling quality standards.

What Is “Fashion Jewelry”?

Fashion jewelry (or costume jewelry) is an affordable alternative to precious metal jewelry like gold or sterling silver. Fashion jewelry includes jewelry that is made from alternative metals like copper or stainless steel, jewelry made from other base metals, and jewelry that contains no metal at all. With fashion jewelry, you can catch each season’s hot new trends at unbelievably low prices!

Popular styles of fashion jewelry include shell jewelry, wood jewelry, and jewelry made from a wide assortment of alternative metals. also features a large assortment of fashion watches, which you can mix and match to accessorize any outfit.

With, your jeweler can offer you immediate access to a wide variety of today’s best sterling silver and fashion jewelry. You can browse thousands of styles — far more than you’ll find in a showroom — and place your order online. Ordering online is easy, convenient, and secure.

Plus, you get all the benefits of working with your favorite jeweler! Enter your jeweler’s “Vendor Code” during checkout, and your order will be sent to your jeweler to be processed. Your jeweler will contact you to get your payment information and will deliver your order to you as soon as possible. You don’t need to enter your credit card information online — you’ll pay your jeweler directly. With, you get all the benefits of online ordering, and you can work with the local jeweler you trust.

What Is My Jeweler’s Vendor Code?

During checkout, you will be asked to enter your jeweler’s Vendor Code. This code is used to identify your jeweler and send your jeweler your order. It will include a series of letters and numbers unique to your local jeweler. For example, a vendor code might look like “ABC-1234”. After you place your order, your jeweler will contact you to finalize payment and delivery details.

My Vendor Code will be used when placing orders on Make sure you keep this code and use it with all of your online orders at You will be asked to provide your Vendor Code during checkout. My Vendor Code is DCH90045