Saturday, January 8, 2011


My Cuff Bracelets are all hand crafted with care and high quality

My Cuff Bracelets is the home of khloéZ exclusive cuff bracelets. khloéZ cuff bracelets are hand crafted with care and high quality. My Cuff Bracelets are fashionable and an elegant accessory from dressy to sporty. The genuine leather and sterling silver makes them comfortable to wear. The bracelets are adjustable and can be sized to fit any wrist by simply cupping your hand over the top of the cuff to protect the accent while pinching ends together to make it smaller or gently bending the ends outward to make it larger. khloéZ cuff bracelets are all hand signed and come in an organza pouch.

You just must check these FUN, ELEGANT, FASHIONABLE, COMFORTABLE My Cuff Bracelets OUT!

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