Saturday, February 18, 2012

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How to Use the 925 Silver Catalog
The Convenience and Selection of Online Shopping . . .
The Trust and Reliability of Your Favorite Jeweler ~ {DCH90045} ! is the easy, convenient, and secure way for you to place online orders with your jeweler! Browse your jeweler’s wide selection of styles, choose the designs you want, and send your order to your jeweler {90045} through this online catalog!
This web catalog features the “best of the best” sterling silver and fashion jewelry. You can browse thousands of today’s most popular items, and discover the perfect jewelry to express your own personal style.
And you’ll be ordering directly from your favorite jeweler {DCH90045}. You’ll get great service and quality jewelry, plus you’ll be supporting the jeweler you know and trust. With, you get all the benefits of buying from your favorite local jeweler {DCH90045}, the convenience of online ordering, and a selection wider than any jewelry showroom!

Here's How it Works

{DCH90045} is the perfect way to get the convenience and selection of online shopping together with the service and reliability of your favorite jeweler. An amazing collection of the world’s best sterling silver and fashion jewelry awaits you.

You will be asked to provide your Vendor Code during checkout.
All items are .925 Sterling Silver unless labeled "fashion jewelry" or otherwise noted.

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