Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring Forecast: Balmy Blues and Lively Greens Vendor Code ♥ DCH90045

Spring Forecast: Balmy Blues and Lively Greens

Spring fashion is in bloom! As February's People Style Watch advises, this season's major essentials are vibrant blue and green stones with a fresh, earthy look.

Blue lapis is the perfect color for this nature-inspired vogue. This textured lapis pendant looks like a drop of pure blue sea set in silver, and the cool, smooth ring at left adds a refreshing accent. Dip into all our lovely lapis designs here.

Malachite is another stone just right for the season, with a shady green tone that creates the perfect organic affect. Check out this awesome statement ring
, and see more marvelous malachite designs here.

Deep blue lapis hues evoke Pacific Ocean vistas!

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