Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sneak Peek ♥ 200 New Jewelry Designs

New Jewelry for Spring 2012 Online Today

Our Spring 2012 Catalog is about to debut, and its pages are lush with hundreds of new designs! Be the first to discover these future bestsellers — over 200 new releases are in stock now.

For a breath of fresh air, add some sky blue larimar to your landscape (pictured upper left). Our new genuine larimar designs look distilled from dreamy spring mornings on a Caribbean island — set sail here.

Check out these two new mesmerizing sets crackling with vogue voltage: choose from pink rhodonite (pictured center left) or black onyx stones brushed with gold leaf and magnified by a crown of checkerboard-faceted clear quartz. 

Or give your collection a hip, honeyed zing with hot new bronze pieces (pictured lower left). You don't want to miss the alternative metal that's taking this year's trade shows by storm.

Start gathering the bouquet of your completely knock-out spring collection today, and check back often to catch more new items as they arrive in stock! Nearly 100 more new styles are coming soon.

You will be asked to provide your Vendor Code during checkout. 

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All items are .925 Sterling Silver unless labeled "fashion jewelry" or otherwise noted.


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